June 20, 2021

Reviews and Endorsements

“Love the organic feel of this drum, feels alive to the ebb and flow of the music. The stroke has a pillowy cushion thanks to the 9 inch depth and wooden hoops, feels and sounds as if the stroke reaches all the way down to that resonant head, and playing with that whole space in between. But also has a wonderful elasticity that makes articulation, shading and dynamics things that happen more easily and naturally. Great wooden crack of the rim shot, contrasted with the throaty fatness of the middle of the drum that’s always there when you want it. Just the right mixture of resonance to fatness that has mystified me about the jazz drum sound from when I first started listening to live drumming. A beautifully made hand crafted instrument and for sure the lightest snare drum I own or carry.”
Eliot Zigmund
Veteran jazz drummer Eliot Zigmund has enjoyed a wide and varied careeer in jazz spanning forty years of playing. Past and present associations with artists include Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani, Vince Guaraldi, Jim Hall, Stan Getz, Benny Golson, Richie Beirach, David Berkman, Gene Bertrocini, Eddie Gomez, Bobby Watson, Eddie Henderson, Enrico Pieranunzi, Dado Maroni, Jed Levy, Bobby Porcelli, Michael Kanan, Mauro Negri, Paolo Birro, Lee Konitz, Don Friedman, Fred Hersch, Art Lande, Helen Merrill, Ted Rosenthal, Pete Malinverni, Lorenzo Conte, Cameron Brown, Warren Vache and many others.

Born 1945 in the Bronx, Eliot grew up in the fertile New York jazz scene of the 50’s and 60’s and began playing professionally at the age of 15 with an older brother who was an aspiring jazz guitarist. He studied music at both the Mannes College of Music and at the City College of New York and upon receiving his degree from CCNY in 1968, he devoted himself to pursuing his dream of becoming a jazz musician. He currently resides in Teaneck, New Jersey with his wife Anna.

Eliot has been a sideman on many recordings and has also released three albums under his own name including his just released Steeplechase recording titled “Breeze”, featuring Gary Versace, Mike Lee and Phil Polumbi.

Eliot maintains a busy playing career within the New York scene and internationally.

“The Fatboy is a real work of art. It has so much low undertone to it when striking it and the sensitivity is so impressive considering it’s depth. The cross stick is very warm and solid. It really shined when I played it on a 2nd line/New Orleans groove. I loosed up the strainer to make it a bit sloppier and it turned out really nice.“
Andrew Shreve
National Marketing Manager
Paiste Cymbals

“Hi Steph, thanks 2 you my gig went great n snare made me sound almost professional. much appreciated.“
Justin Brady
Melbourne Australia. April 2011.

“Where I work, I need to have the greatest variety of high quality sounds as possible. At soft dynamic levels, Fidock drums are articulate and responsive. At high dynamic levels, they are never harsh in tone and project extremely well into the concert hall. Most importantly for me, at all levels, they are very warm and full of character.“
“Tuned high, my 13″ x 9″ Blackwood Fatboy cuts through. Tuned low, it sounds like a warm and resonant orchestral field drum. When you apply that large tuning range to the kit, you have a high quality, highly versatile, handcrafted and individual snare drum.”

Steve Peterka
Principal Percussion, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

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“This drum is not for the faint of heart. It is very muscular It is rich, warm and incredibly fat in sound and feel. It plays with a very clear note and has a very wide dynamic latitude. The sound center of this drum is like no other I’ve played in any size. It is bigger and rounder then other wooden drums whether ply or solid shell, even great Radio Kings, and the equal of any brass shelled drum including 1920’s Ludwig Standards/Black Beauties.
What is really different is the feel I get playing on it. It’s like no other… not to be described. It’s the Ferrari to anybodies other automobile.. like no other!
Finally the incredible low contour a very wide wooden rims with recessed tension rods is simply a dream to play on. Rim shots are just that, shots!

The construction throughout is magnificent. The Trick strainer and butt is a great fit with the drum. I use Aquarian Vintage heads [medium coated top and clear batter bottom].

I use Canopus DR dry wires for a crisper snare sound. Other drummers who want a wetter sound might want to use regular Pure Sound wires.”

BOB MEYER (independent artis, endorser of Istanbul Agop cympals and Acappella Drumsticks (bob meyer model)).

Peter 'Maz' Maslan

“Not only is your craftsmanship sublime .. but your drums sound both powerful and majestic!
(fat too)
I’m proud to own one.”
Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen Australian Drummer: Kylie Minogue, Rey Thomas, Colin Hay, Mark Seymour; Caroline Kennedy, Natalie Imbruglia, The Seekers, Icehouse, Men at Work, Jimmy Barnes, Delta Goodrem, Boom Crash Opera, Archie Roach… To name just a few).

“Emiliano’s Fidock drum demo sounds as good as it gets!”
Larry G. Goldman, Music Producer/Arranger (TV, Radio, Film and recordings) ?Lake Balboa Studios, Los Angeles, CA

“FIDOCK Snare Drums have exceeded all my expectations! Having played vintage and custom drums for many years, my 5 and 6 1/2 Blackwood are now the only snares I use. It is truly an honor to be endorsing a company with such an exceedingly high level of artistry and integrity. Thank you Stephan for building instruments that enable me to finally realize my voice in all it’s colors! These drums cover it all! FIDOCK, nothing comes close!!”
Harvey Sorgen

“..i did a session with the bubinga last night, and jerry marrotta happened to be there and FREAKED out over it!..”
Dean Sharp (NY sessions/freelance)

“Got the snares today (jeeze, they ARE light!), tuned `em up, and put them in a running session in our studio B. The drummer, doing a session for the big selling French group Indochine, loved the sound of both.”
BILL FUNK – ICP Recording Studios, BRUSSELS

“..The Fidock Bubinga snare is equipped with all the qualities of an instrument of sheer perfection. It will delight all the enthusiasts of deep and precise sounds and tones and is marvellously suited in any context and across all genres no matter how stylized such as blues, funk, latin, jazz or pop…”
Fidock Bubinga Snare Review, Batteur April 2008

“..This snare has qualities which I have rarely come across, whether in steel or wood: it generates a magnificent sound no matter the tension or force of playing. And that’s rich!…”   
Fidock Blackwood Snare Review, Batteur March 2008

See review here: www.batteurmag.com

Benny Lim, Drummer from Singapore
“I just wanna give a shoutout that i am very impressed by the Fatboy i bought off Battlestage, i am totally impressed!
Thank you for making such great drums!”
“I am just impressed by the quality that you put into making those drums, its definitely going to last me a lifetime
and i am so excited to making my second purchase which is the 14 x 6.5.”

(Facebook messages May 2013)