November 19, 2019

14″ x 6.5″ Heartbreaker Series Snare

This product is subject to availability. To enquire about this product please contact us directly.



8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings.

How does this shell differ from the standard range snare drum? Standard range shells are made from tone wood (back-cut timber) which results in a very open and slightly ‘wooly’ sound, often referred to as ‘vintage’.

The grain here, whilst still of varied density, is much tighter. This results in a more focused, deeper and richer note with little overtone. Overall, the quality of tone whilst still warm and highly expressive is also more sophisticated and controlled.

A superior recording instrument suited to all genres requiring the tone and warmth of a premium grade solid timber snare drum.

As with all Fidock shells the finish is a traditional french polish.

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