November 19, 2019

13″ x 9″ Fatboy snare




13″ x 9″; 8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings.

This drum begs the question: why haven’t these dimensions become standard in snare drums? We all know that bringing the right tools with you is half the battle. So here at last, is a versatile and dynamic snare drum which excels across a wide tuning range and always with a ton of FAT.

Fatboy has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly individual and powerful snare drum with more than enough range to accommodate all genres.

Tuned high, it is crisp, cutting and rich with real depth and a clean warm tone. At low to medium tensions, this drums maintains excellent bounce with a rapid snare response.

We consider this drum an essential addition to any serious snare drum collection for live and studio work.