November 19, 2019

13″ x 6″ Blackwood snare




8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings
Another powerful addition to our 13” snare range:  this time the focus is overwhelmingly on attack with warmth and punch.
Blackwood guarantees warm tones and a clear musical voice whilst the reduced diameter and shell depth provide sharp cut and a fast articulate snare response.
More compressed and at a tighter tuning more penetrating than a 14” snare.  At lower tensions this snare is deep and FAT whilst maintaining excellent stick responce.
With its wide tuning range and strength of attack, this versatile snare makes for a serious primary snare that will suit all genres.

Timber: Premium grade air-dried Blackwood.

Source: North West Tasmania, Otway Ranges (temperate rainforest). Victoria, Australia

Finish: Classic method french polish

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Additional information

Dimensions 43 x 43 x 23 cm