June 20, 2021

Steambent Timber Hoops

Fidock wood hoops are made from the same tonal timber as our shells. They are exceptionally strong and resonant and matched to our stave shell deliver the full potential and unique character of our snare drums by enhancing the tone of the shell.

Each hoop is made up of a single  length of steambent solid timber which has been scarf joined.

As such, Fidock hoops are exceptionally strong. Even at very high tensions, they will provide consistent and reliable tunings.

The hoops will accommodate any shell or hoop of the same lug numbers.

Each hoop is hand finished and rigorously tested for strength and integrity.

Being solid timber, our hoops deliver a loud, tonal click and a fuller rim-shot with plenty of cut and fat.

Another dynamic feature of our hoops is a slightly lower elevation. This provides greater dexterity for stick and brushwork and smoother access to the playing surface

A recent innovation to our hoops has been to do away with the strap slot. The strap now passes between the hoop and the snare head via a chamfer cut. This greatly reduces the vertical pull on the strands resulting in a more open yet crisper snare response.

FHD hoops are very easy to maintain and long lasting.