June 20, 2021

Blackwood Snare Drums

Our signature sound… warm, distinctive, musical and FAT. The Fidock Blackwood snare drum is a premium recording instrument acclaimed by studios and drummers worldwide… Serious Snares for Serious Drummers. Quick and easy to tune, our Blackwood snares respond admirably to a wide range of tunings with warm, full voices; controlled overtones, plenty of bite and a clean crisp snare response. FHD snares come with Fidock / Trick multi-step throw-offs, Remo heads and superior quality snare wires (20 strand Canopus or Puresound).

Whilst we highly recommend our solid steambent hoops as the ideal compliment to all our shells, all Fidock Snare Drums are available with steel hoops by request at a reduced price.

Heartbreaker Series (NEW)

Heartbreaker snare

Read about our Heartbreaker Series snares in Limited and Single Editions

Listen to a sample here.

Standard Range

14″ x 5″

8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings. Very fast response with tremendous cutting power. The shorter shell does not lessen the ability of this drum to provide a huge amount of FAT and rich warm tones. Extremely well suited to Rock ‘n roll, Jazz and Reggae.

14″ x 5.5″

8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings. Developed in 2011, this snare offers a slight variation on the 14”x5” Blackwood stave. As with the 5” deep shell, this is a fast snare with a broad tuning range, tremendous cutting power and a powerful mid range punch at high tensions. The slightly deeper shell of 5.5” is best described as the difference between a 5A and a 5B stick: a little more weight on the stick, a bit more ‘grunt’ under heavier playing. Extremely well suited to Funk, Jazz and Reggae.

14″ x 6.5″

14 x 6.5 Blackwood snare8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings. Immense power, very full and extremely clean with well rounded controlled overtones. In this size, you got it covered from Fusion to Heavy Metal. A highly versatile recording or concert snare.

13″ x 6″

13" x 6" Blackwood snare Another powerful and legitimate addition to our 13” snare range. This time the focus is overwhelmingly on attack with warmth and punch. Blackwood guarantees warm tones and a clear musical voice whilst the reduced diameter and shell depth provide sharp cut and a fast articulate snare response. More compressed and at a tighter tuning more penetrating than a 14” snare, at very low tensions this snare is deep and FAT whilst maintaining excellent stick bounce. With its wide tuning range and strength of attack, this versatile snare will suit all genres.

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13" x 6" Blackwood snare - top view

13″ x 9″  ‘FATBOY’

13" x 9" Fatboy SnareRead Modern Drummer October 2010 review here 13″ x 9″; 8 lugs, 6-7mm shell wall with sculpted reinforcement rings. This drum begs the question: why haven’t these dimensions become standard in snare drums? We all know that bringing the right tools with you is half the battle. So here at last, is a versatile and dynamic snare drum which excels across a wide tuning range and always with a ton of FAT. Fatboy has earned a well-deserved reputation as a highly individual and powerful snare drum with more than enough range to accommodate all genres. Tuned high, it is crisp, cutting and rich with real depth and a clean warm tone. At low to medium tensions, this drums maintains excellent bounce with a rapid snare response. We consider this drum an essential addition to any serious snare drum collection for live and studio work.