June 20, 2021


How do you Pronounce Fidock?

Fidock is pronounced – F – eye – dock

Can I custom order?

We make handcrafted drums rather than custom drums. We make drums in sizes which best suit the full capacity of the timber.

Note: FHD assembly and drilling jigs have all been cut and drilled by CnC to maintain consistency and ultra precision with our shells and hoops.

However we are more than happy to consider any enquiries.

How long will it take to receive my drum?

Once we have received your order, we will contact you and advise when you can expect to receive your drum. If we are out of stock, please allow up to 8 to 12 weeks for shipment.

What type of finish do you provide?

Our practice is to highlight the features of the grain. We use refined plant based oils (satin finish) and either standard or clear shellac (french polish).

We do not use any products to alter the tone of the timber such as tints or take any measures to conceal the features of the grain.

We do not wrap our shells with any synthetic materials or use veneer.
With all our shells, the timber on the inner and outer shells is ‘exposed’ for you to inspect the quality of the shell material.

Caring for your Fidock Wood Hoops

Timber constantly reacts to heat and moisture and some precautions are advisable.
We suggest that you loosen the tension on the heads if your drum is at rest for extended periods.

As our hoops are solid timber they are easy to maintain. To correct any indentations from stick hits, heat a domestic iron to very hot, place a wet cloth (clean) over the dented area and press the iron down to generate a good amount of steam. The steam will swell the fibres back into place. Sand with 240 or 320 grit if necessary and re-oil the timber with a good penetration oil (domestic olive or walnut oil is perfectly suitable).

Any tuning hints?

Fidock snares are designed to accommodate a wide tuning range.
The grain of the timber and the dimensions of the shell though make all the difference and every drum has its own sweet spot tuning wise.

Blackwood is well suited to higher tensions. The features of the grain are such that even at higher tunings, the shell will stay open and warm.

Please note when tuning that drums sound different at any distance from where they are being played. It is best to take the whole kit as well as other instruments into account as well.