June 20, 2021

Fresh Snares: Mahogany & Heartbreaker Series

Benzel Baltimore (Funkadelic) & Fidock 14×6.5″ Blackwood (standard range)

Latest review of our snare. Watch it now:

Heartbreaker Series Snare Drums

At this stage the Heartbreaker Series snare drums are being offered at the same price as standard range snares. Fewer than 10 have been made in 2012 and the remaining stock is going fast. Place your order now and take advantage of this one off offer.

New FHD website is here

A revamped Fidock Drums website is up and running at last. We love the new look and we hope you too. Let us know what you think?

Modern Drummer April 2012 Review

Latest edition Fidock snares are reviewed in the upcoming April 2012 edition of Modern Drummer. You can read  the full article here

John Boy Bliss

When I was a kid I wanted to play the drums…..from 1969 until 2011 I played yamaha. Ludwig. Rogers. Gretsch. Plus several home made kits….. Then one night in melbourne I sat behind a set of drums that played me…. Fidock drums…i realised I had been kidding around…here was a kit that hummed when you […]

Battle Stage joins our list of retailers

Fidock drums are proud to announce that Battle Stage a new Hong Kong based drum shop have joined our limited list of retailers/distributors. Stay tuned for further news.

Leon ‘Ndugu’ Chancler

In June 2011, Stephan Fidock had the enormous pleasure of recording a unique performance by one of the greatest drummers of all time: the remarkable Leon ‘Ndugu’ Chancler. Read more about him here.

New type of wood hoops

Our new look at our ingenious advancement in wood hoops: no slot. There is no need to duplicate a steel hoop with regards to the wire strap. All you need to do is clear the snare head, this can be done inside the hoop. Not only is it more elegant… this almost eliminates stretching the […]

Coopers TV interview

Media News: Stephan Fidock on Coopers TV RocKwiz Road Stories are all bout the art and craft of music. Join Brian Nankervis as he talks with ex Reels drummer and raconteur Stephan Fidock about hand-making wooden drum kits from Australian blackwood timber.