June 20, 2021


What we do

Fidock Handcrafted Drums are about elite drums for session and live work. Most contemporary drum sounds reflect the materials and construction methods in use today for high turnover of product.

At Fidock Handcrafted Drums, we make solid stave shells for all our drums, lathed thin and genuinely handcrafted. Less glue, no harsh reflective coatings, tonal timber, thin shells, outstanding bearing edges, more tone and depth. The result: Warm, musical, earthy and powerful drums, with all aspects of the construction and finishing processes directed towards elite recording instruments.

FHD Drum Kits

The logical progression of our work in solid timber snare drums is to apply the same principles to the entire drum set. As with our snare drums, every aspect of a FHD drum kit is directed towards delivering an outstanding instrument for professional use. Our timber of choice is Australian Blackwood. This sustainable timber is well known to serious instrument makers for its superior tonal and tensile qualities.

FHD drum kits are available by special order to meet any requirements*.
*96k 24-bit multi-miked wav samples are available by contacting FHD.

Serious snare drums

As drummers we spend our lives working on our skills and sound. When we are at the kit, it’s primarily our snare that will define our voice and command of our instrument. Every Fidock snare drum is unique, a true reflection of our dedication and passion. From the construction process to the choice of parts, we offer a snare drum like no other.

The combination of our solid timber wood hoops and the characteristics of the shell construction make for a snare drum with a range of voices and ‘sweet spots’ across the entire playing surface. We use eight lugs in order to leave as much of the shell as we can undisturbed along with consistent and reliable tension levels.

Bearing Edges

We use a double 45° round-over edge for all of our snare drums. This combination is designed to deliver warm earthy voices with controlled overtones and cutting attack.

Snare Beds

Fidock snare beds are cut to ensure an articulate full response with a clean finish.

Wood Hoops

Fidock wood hoops are made from the same high tone timbers as our shells. They are exceptionally strong and resonant and matched to our stave shell deliver the full potential and unique character of our drums. We use a single length of timber, which is cut and steam-bent to form 2 semi-circles. Each hoop features only 2 joins.

As a result, we make wooden hoops for regular use that will hold high tension levels and provide accurate and reliable tuning. The use of solid timber delivers a well loaded, articulate click and a fuller rim-shot with plenty of cut and fat. Another feature of our hoops is a slightly lower elevation. This provides greater dexterity for stick and brushwork and smoother access to the playing surface.

What you can expect

Fidock Handcrafted Drums are professional instruments. They are quick to tune, reliable and loaded with character and depth. Our drums are unusually light, that’s because we work on the principle that a thinner shell produces increased resonance and volume. Fidock drums are designed to suit a variety of acoustics, and particularly to deliver when the occasion calls for low volume, restrained playing. You won’t need to lay into our drums to cut through with plenty of tone and depth.

Fidock drums are articulate and full bodied across a wide tuning range. FHD offer a new voice in contemporary drum sounds and a fresh approach towards meeting the needs of drummers and clients.